Sunday, August 15, 2010


Do you know what these are? These are Scuppernogs and I sooo look forward to these every year. Scuppernogs are native to the Southern United States and come into season in late summer through the fall. I did a little research and found out that the name Scuppernog comes from the Scuppernog River which is in the Eastern part of NC. There is also a purple variety that tastes similar; they are called Muscadines. People around here make some wonderful juice and wine out of these things, but I love them just like they are. To me, they are so sweet they are almost like candy. And maybe I am wierd, but I get excited about eating things that only come in to season a short period (like local strawberries).
Scuppernogs are nothing like a regular grape. They have a thick skin and a soft, super sweet juicy inside. You can eat the skin but it is very tough and most people don't. There are also 3-4 seeds inside that you can either eat or spit out. Go to your local farmer's market and check it out!

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